How To Love A Girl Who Writes


She is and will always be the greatest oxymoron you will have the pleasure to encounter, the girl who writes. The moment your eyes meet, it may not be love at first sight, but there is a curiosity—a moment of wonderment where you just want to want to delve deeper into her mind and see the secrets and stories she has yet to share.

Get to know her, approach her. She is a closed book—more often than not, unyielding, yet open to those who dare flip her pages. Not necessarily introverted, she just likes to see how this potential tale will play out on its own. She may have already written the lines you are about to say to her in her head; every question, every filler, every stutter mapped to the point. But go ahead and talk to her, romance her with your eloquence. She’s not a nutcase, she’s a writer and boy does she love to talk too.

She is moody and unpredictable, yet she’s figured you out down pat. It’s okay to not get her, she doesn’t even get herself. She is waiting for you to breathe life into her story, so go ahead and be yourself. She loves that. She likes how you give your own meaning to something she thought she’s already known. She is not easily surprised. As a writer, it’s her mission to stay ahead, to always know. But does she love surprises and you are hers forever if you know how to jar the steady line of predictable with the heights of spontaneity.

Be open to her, never hide from her. She draws inspiration and you are her catalyst. You are her endless supply of inspiration, a cistern of creativity that overflows. She hides from you only because she wants you to figure her out on your own. She doesn’t like to tell you things, she likes to show them to you so you better pay good attention. Let her know how you feel because she’ll let her know yours. Talk and talk some more. But give her space from time to time to collect herself from you. She is her own person outside of your relationship and she doesn’t want to be the girl that drowns in you, but instead grows from and with you.

She is observant. She knows you like the back of her hand. She’s committed every nuance, every degree to her memory. The way your lips curl to one side when you smile, how you shift your eyes to the right before staring into hers, and how you like to run your fingers down the delicate line of her throat before you dive and lose yourself inside her mouth. Cadence is a word she’s all too familiar with: the way you rise and fall in time with each other’s breathing, the rhythm of your voices memorized down to a heartbeat. And she appreciates it when you realize these little things, the little quirks about her and you and your whole dynamic that makes everything seem just a little more special than it was before you came along.

She’s got her storyline committed to heart. She likes the steady rise before the climax and she dreads that moment when it’s past and all that left is the dip that signals the inevitable end. She’ll do anything to delay it but she knows in her heart it will come. She’s not a cynic; she’s a realist that just knows how to fabricate happy endings. Be that hero who makes her climax, not just between the sheets, but for the whole of time that you’re together. Never let her feel that dip nor that end. It doesn’t exist. Not between you two.

She knows romance, but does she know love? Make her feel that, make her know that love is not just an illusion in her books. Love her from the recesses of her mind to the deepest confines of her soul. Teach her the true meaning of the words “I love you,” and make sure you know the gravity, the impact you and your words have on her. Love her because she is a writer and you are the person that writes her.