How To Love A Woman With A Bold Heart


Love her fiercely.

She is not afraid to love. She is not afraid to tell you what’s on her mind. She is not afraid to be too much, or too soon. So love her fiercely. When you feel passion towards her, tell her. When you want to kiss her, reach for lips. When you crave her touch, grab her hands and intertwine them with yours. Do not hesitate. Do not overthink. Do not question. Love her wildly, as she loves you.

Stand your ground.

You must tell her when she’s being too much, when she’s dead wrong, when she’s stubborn. She is guided by both her head and heart, but often lets her emotions get in the way. Her heart is strong and has led her through brokenness, so she trusts it, but sometimes she will be wrong. You must show her this. You must be both her confidant and guide. You must be willing to meet her halfway, but also secure enough in yourself that you do not change your thoughts or beliefs for her benefit. You must love her enough to fight, and fight to make things work.

Be her strength; be her protector.

Celebrate her independence and ability to stand on her own, but be her support when she is weak. Inspire her back to herself when she’s lost her way. Do not shelter her, but keep her from harm. If nothing else, be there for her as much as you can. Sometimes she will need you to be tough. Sometimes she will just need you to hold her gently. Sometimes she just needs to know she’s not alone.

Let go of the ones who came before.

She is not like the others. She does not carry those burdens or bring with her the pain of your past. She has not left you or treated you unfairly. She does not come with malicious thoughts and deceit hidden behind her smile. She is pure and honest in her pursuits, fearless in her love. Do not compare her to the women who were before, to the ways they hurt you. Do not live on guard, waiting for the moment the relationship fails. Do not carry past distrust or anger. Let go of what has come before and step into a beautiful, new love with her. A love so full, so bold. A love that will not disappoint.

Do not be afraid.

She loves loudly but this is nothing to shy away from. Her intentions are clear and her heart is invested. She is not one to lie about her feelings or to walk away when there’s a bump in the road. She won’t suffocate you with her affection, but she is not afraid to care, and care deeply. When she’s committed, she’s all in. Every piece of her will fight for you, will support you, will stand beside you when the path is tough. She is fearless in pursuing you, and not willing to walk away so easily. Do not fear her, for in her arms you’ll finally feel real love.



Marisa Donnelly is a poet and author of the book, Somewhere on a Highway, available here.