How To Love Being ‘The One That Got Away’


You didn’t choose me.

You chose her.

For the longest time, I was broken. I was a vase shattered on the floor, with 800 tiny little pieces that no matter how hard I tried I could not fit back together. I didn’t understand how, or why you didn’t want me. I was your best friend through everything, everyone could picture us together and I know you did too- you told me you did.

So there it was, your big chance, your last chance, to sweep me away and claim me as yours and you as mine… and there is went. You let it pass without even a glance, no explanation, and you left me alone to accept it and move on.

Then you chose her.

I don’t understand it and I maybe I never will, but that’s okay and here’s why:

Because I’m your one; the one that got away. I’m the girl you’ll never be able to forget…

I’ll sneak up on you at 2 am and you’ll start to wonder what it would be like to be laying next to me. How would our bodies lie, would the curve of my hip be the perfect place to lay your hand? On an average Sunday afternoon when you sit with her at your favorite coffee shop and wonder what I would be ordering, what would I be wearing? You’ll think of me when you’re alone in the car and remember when I would scream along to the radio at the top of my lungs, rolling the windows down and stealing your Ray-Bans. You’ll think of me the night before your wedding as you start to wonder if she is really the one for you, and even though you’ll marry her- I’ll stay there in the very back of your mind. And then you won’t think of me for the longest time. You’ll grow accustomed to the absence and the mundane.

And then I’ll return.

You’ll think you saw me on the street, a seemingly familiar brunette will pass by and you’ll turn and wonder if you should call my name, “Miss?” and as she turns around your heart will flutter in that moment of anticipation, but it won’t be me. And when you’re old and your hair is starting to grey you’ll wonder whatever happened to the pretty girl who you didn’t choose, and a flood of would have’s, could have’s, should have’s will come rushing over you.

I think everyone has that someone, the one that got away. I have the utmost satisfaction knowing that I will forever be yours.