How To Prevent A Deceptive Heartbreak


We all long for those relationships that are trusting and caring and full of nothing but good times and happy thoughts, however we forget that the hardest part of a relationship is maintaining trust between two people.

The basic foundation for any long-term relationship is trust and today’s youth fail to understand the consequences that can come of breaking that trust. As adults we don’t like to waste time on someone who is going to just hurt us but all too often the end result of a long-term relationship is pain. This pain is caused because of a breakdown in communication or lack thereof and that’s where the deception starts.

Sometimes people don’t mean to deceive or to cause pain but its what they’re programmed to do and it causes people to ruin all other relationships later on. Its why when you start talking to almost any new partner the number one thing that is said is “I have some trust issues.” Its not that they were born this way, they don’t always have a problem trusting someone, its our society, social media and tinder and online dating that’s causing this.

Before the internet and having the meat locker of partners at your fingertips, in order to meet someone and get to know them on an emotional level you had to spend time with them in person and have phone calls and really put in the time. Today if something isn’t going right in your relationship you can just look to social media and people in your messages that your partner will never find out about for the comfort that you desire.

Whether it’s the physical act of deception by accepting a lover that isn’t your committed partner or the emotional act of deception by allowing someone else to fill a void that you should be seeking from the one who’s committed to you its still a horrible act of deception that our society allows.

We should do each all a favor and lay it all out in the open that if you truly care about someone and want to get into a committed relationship with them, then be open and honest and actually put in the effort. Life is too short to allow people to use us and deceive us and lie to us when we can be with someone who appreciates and values us to put in the time and effort it takes to make something substantial.

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