How To Relax And Live A Little


I like being alone most of the time. I like to sit back and relax and just let my thoughts wander off. I enjoy the time I spend with myself because I get to understand the world around me better. I get to notice those little details about life and I get to appreciate the people around me. Being with myself took me away from the rush.

Everyone is always in a hurry these days. Whether you’re in a hurry to get to school or in a hurry to get married and settle down. People think it saves them time in life. But it doesn’t. Being in a rush takes away your time to see life as it really is. It zooms you past things that are supposed to take time. It detaches you from moments where you were supposed to feel something other than worry and regret.

A lot of people live in the rush. These are the people who want to get on with life. They want to fast forward to a time where they’re happy or successful, they think it spares them the pain and suffering since everything they do is so quick. They don’t get to enjoy the moments they have and the memories they make because they are so caught up in what they want to do next.
For example, finding love.

Everyone seems to be rushing to find love these days, like teens that are too young to have boyfriends or people in their mid-20’s who can’t wait to get married. They are so desperate that they force themselves on the wrong people at the wrong time. They try to convince themselves that maybe it will work out. Most of the time, it doesn’t, and all you end up feeling is regret. The rush messed with your mind into thinking that what you were doing in that moment was right. But what it really did was give you no time to think at all.

The rush is a messed up place to be in. It’s like a train ride. You don’t feel like you’re whizzing through the tracks but when you look out the window, you’re zooming past everything in a flash. It’ll make you long for something that you wouldn’t be able to get without time. You can’t turn back time and rewind the clock.

You can only move forward. You can only move forward with a right and steady mind. The hands on the clock don’t move at different speeds every day. They stay constant. They are a reminder that we have all the time in the world. We don’t need to hurry. We don’t need to rush.

It’s dangerous once you get carried away and all you want to do is speed up on everything. You won’t notice it, but you’re slipping away from life and reality; and by the time you let go, you lose yourself. You lose your touch with time. Those moments where you were supposed to be happy and have fun made you feel worry. Those times where you were supposed to enjoy the little things in life made you search for more than what was right in front of you.

Picture yourself away from the rush, watching cars drive by or people walking briskly to work. Listen to the sound of children on the playground by the park or birds chirping in the trees. Breathe the air that keeps you alive, and keep on breathing steady breaths, because that’s what life is all about. Being able to breathe and relax. Being able to give life to others. Being able to live for yourself.

Everything takes time. Anything can happen in a span of a day, hours, minutes and even seconds. Everything changes with time. We grow, we learn and we live.

Be the person who enjoys life. Be the person who is grateful for the little things. Be the person who doesn’t live in worry and fear. Don’t be that person who lives in regret and disappointment. They don’t live in the moment. They don’t live in the now. They live in the rush. The rush of time. The rush of success. The rush of pain. The rush of happiness. The rush of regret.

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