How To Stop Doubting Yourself And Focus On The Positives


Overthinking, worry, self-doubt, and self-criticism-all self-destructing behaviors that will prevent you from reaching your envisioned nirvana. When we constantly find ourselves nit-picking over things have little impact on our greater circumstances, or spending countless hours deconstructing conversations that we had or decisions that we’ve made, there’s usually a single root cause to which this can be attributed. This could come in the form of general anxiety, fear of failure or repercussions, lack of motivation, or being overwhelmed with something new. Gaining awareness of your tendency to overthink certain things is the first step to combat the habit and recognize what provokes your response to delve deeply into the bottomless well of your mind.

Here are a few ways that may help.

Get Continuous Motivation

When we face challenges in life, encouragement and inspiration are the best motivational buoys to turn to for reaffirmation. Ted Talks, Forbes interviews, Oprah’s Next Chapter, and biographies are all great resources for you to get your fill of motivation and can help you maintain your resolve.

Be Realistic

Another trap that can we can find ourselves in is aiming a bit too high. We may strive to do so much in a small window of time, not giving ourselves the opportunity process our plans-which can lead to avoidance and stagnation. Set attainable goals, give yourself a time constraints for their consideration and planning, and then act.

Adjust Your Attitude

Changing your perspective on a situation can mean the world of difference in how you approach deviations and adversity. Dismiss useless and toxic thoughts as they don’t serve you, but only hinder you instead. For every negative thought that pops in your mind, try replacing it with a positive one-after a while this mode of thinking will become a habit and soon you’ll a glimmering beacon of positivity-and possibly a turn off to some of your friends.

Distract Yourself

A good distraction can provide you with the mental break needed to help you to release any built-up tension and stress. Try activities such as exercising, playing an instrument, dancing, going for a drive, drawing (or any other craft), or watching a positive, light-hearted television program.

Understand that You Can’t Control The World

Wrap your head around the fact that some things are just going to happen. Regardless of how much control we exert over our own lives, we simply cannot control the world as that would mean controlling everyone else in it-now that’s an unrealistic goal. Realize what you can and can’t exercise domination over, work within those confines, and try to plan for contingencies- that’s the best that any of us can really do.

Lastly, try not to delude yourself into thinking that endless introspection into something will solve your problems, or act as the catalyst that’ll turn your life around. Keep the focus on positive, useful thoughts that can lead you to the breakthrough needed to take action on your objectives.

Remember, you CAN do this!