How To Tap Into Your Greatest Internal Power Source


Have you ever met someone who is so tapped into their unique thumbprint of power that it almost feels palpable?

You feel it in the way they hold themselves, in how they talk, and in the things they are dedicating their life to. Something about them feels as though they hold a directed purpose.

They know who they are and it is expressed with a type self-authority, ease, and inner-resonance.

Imagine a world where more leaders, communities, and individuals operated from this internal place of wise connectedness and resonance.

This internal sourcing of power is available to us all. Let’s call it your leader within.

Your leader within is always available to you and stands for your highest potential as a human being.

They hold a container of total self-authority and total self-acceptance.

Take a moment and breathe that in. Your highest self holds total self-authority and total self-acceptance for you at all times.

This is a powerful truth about the force of self-authority to drive positive actions in our lives and make ripples in the lives of those around us.

In challenging moments across any area of life, from work to critical decision-making to family matters, we can ask ourselves powerful questions to call forth the wisdom of our leader within and tap into the power of our own unique self-authority.

These questions come in many forms, such as:

“What is the expanded view my leader within would like me to hold at this moment?”

“What would my leader within do here?”

“What would my leader within want me to know about this specific junction?

When we lead our lives in connection with our leader within, it feels like we are holding our own tuning fork that is creating a resonance of self-authority in action in our very lives.

It is how we take action in alignment with our own truths and inner knowing, rather than through clouded “shoulds” that get pushed on us from extrinsic demands of society.

But in today’s chaotic world, how do you call forward our own leader within? How do you form (or reform) a true connection to them and identify the uniqueness of your leader within’s strengths, life purpose, and unique contribution to this lifetime?

Try building a 30-minute container of quiet contemplation into one day this week and follow the visualization below.

As you sit down, settle into your seat, breathing deeply and calming your mind. After settling in, visualize an image of someone or something in your life that you feel total love for and without a complicated relationship. It might be your dog or a little creek you visit frequently. Meditate on this image, calling forward the love and compassion you feel towards it.

Now, send all of these feelings back to yourself. As you send them back to yourself, what part of you is activated? What new feelings do you have?

Sit with these thoughts, and when you open your eyes, journal down the qualities of this new voice. What is the tone? What do they say to you?

What would it feel like to have total self-authority and total self-acceptance more present in your daily life?