How To Tell If A Girl Is Into You


How do you know if a girl likes you? That is one question that every guy will ask themselves if they see a girl giving them hints, or what we call the “signal”. What are the signals to look out for? Things like giving you the stare, talking to you, wanting to know more about your life, being mean to you, and of course, the most obvious sign of all, touch.

These signs will spark up guys’ thoughts because not many girls can give signals obvious enough to gain our attention. I believe that everything happens for a reason. A girl doesn’t give signals to a guy unless if she is interested in him. So let’s list down the signals that a girl will show.

It starts with the stare. She’ll observe you and you will know that she is probably into you. Next, she would want to talk to you. She will be around you most of the time to start a conversation. And you both will be talking about anything that has got to do with each other. Shel’ll make fun of you, she’ll call you names. It is much easier to be mean to get someone’s attention than to be nice.

Touch is the most obvious sign of all because when a girl does that it is proven that she is very comfortable with you. Perhaps that is the signal that all guys will look out for. Most of the time, we do not see girls touching a guy unless they are flirting with them or if the girl are more to the touchy side which are quite common nowadays . But know this: if she doesn’t do that to other guys there are two possibilities — she either treats you as a bro or she likes you.

Still, though, there is only one way to find out if a girl is really interested.

Build up the courage to ask her if she feels the same way about you that you feel about her.

That is the only sure way to know. If you really like her, all you need now is the 3 seconds of courage to ask her and get a definite answer. I mean at least you get her intentions clear and trust me, even if she only treats you as a friend, that is not the end of the world. At least now you know.

Some girls will get very shy if they like you and will only wait for the guy to make the first move. She will start to feel nervous and scared. Even though she is quite an outgoing person, she will turn bi-polar once the guy they like are around them.

I came out with a theory that has an 80% chance of knowing if someone likes you or not. Just be cold to the person for a few days. If she is interested in you, she will always take the initiative to talk to you. But if she doesn’t, then there are two conclusions. She either isn’t interested, or she is the shy type where you have to approach her first. If it is meant to be, though, it will be. But you have to take the leap to ask because it is always better to have an answer than to wonder.