How Watching The Real Housewives Can Shame You Into Having The Most Productive Day Of Your Life


Have you ever used something to escape reality? It doesn’t have to be drugs or alcohol. It can be food, shopping, or in this case, watching 24 consecutive episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

It started with the discovery that you can buy just about any episode of any show on Amazon for less than two dollars and it ended with a $25 charge on my Visa and 16 hours of my life vanishing into thin air. That’s right. I watched 24 consecutive episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

It wasn’t a pretty sight. As each episode flashed before me I could feel the hate for myself bubbling up higher and higher inside my throat. As the minutes faded away the voices in my head got louder: “Are you really wasting your time with this? How can you stand yourself right now? Can you feel your brain cells dying?”

When I reached the last episode of season 4, endless thoughts of all the responsibilities I had ignored that day came rushing into my head and I had this overwhelming urge to buy season 5 in an attempt to block them out.

Thankfully, before I selected “purchase,” it hit me: I just laid on the sofa for a full day and watched people go to the gym, have lunch with friends, attend important business meetings, break ground on a new restaurant, finalize a book deal and well, I hadn’t even showered!

In that moment I vowed that tomorrow would be different. I wasn’t going to let these women beat me at living. I was younger, more educated, and just as desperate for attention. I had everything they had and more!

The moral of the story is that I may have wasted an entire day I will never be able to get back but it convinced me to stop watching other people live their lives and start living my own.

I hope this article will do the same for you.