21 Hopeful ‘How We Met’ Tales To Read When You Feel Like Giving Up


1. Worth The Wait

I waited an extra hour after an exam for her to finish just so I could go ask her to coffee.

Together for 10 years married for 5, 1 month old daughter.

2. The Feeling Was Mutual

She was designated to show me around my new workplace and I instantly developed a massive crush on her. Wanted to ask her out but was very conflicted as for the first week or two she never said anything to me that wasn’t job related. Anyway, found the “how to show someone new around” company guide and saw there she was supposed to have coffee and lunch with me until I got settled in so first I thought “eh she must really not like me if she skipped these”; but then I thought to use it as a semi-funny way to ask her out.

A week later I was talking to her so I opened the file and said “hey, says right here you owe me lunch, so wanna grab something to eat?”. She uhmed a bit and asked to see the guide and I thought I had failed miserably; she unenthusiastically agreed and we went for lunch later that day where she told me she actually has a massive crush on me and was just being extremely awkward both at the beginning when she skipped them and when I asked her out. I thought it was extremely cute and we’ve been together for a while now.

3. Venti Chai Latte

She was a barista at a local Starbucks during a bus driver’s strike in Ottawa, seven years back. I had to walk about 40 minutes in the snow to get to work, so I would stop by Starbucks for a latte. We flirted for a couple of weeks and I was known to her as “Venti Chai Latte” for the longest time.

At some point, she made a Doctor Horrible joke and I thought “No. This is it. Do it, man! Ask her out!” I ended up asking for her email address, because I’m a huge dork. We went on a first date the following Wednesday and we’ve been snugglin’ ever since. Seven years, married for two.

4. Ten Years, Wow

In eighth grade, my buddy decided I needed a girlfriend. He started asking out girls for me. One of our friends decided the same thing for one of her friends and told me to ask her out and that she’d say yes. So that’s what I did! Come lunch, I walked over and our first words to each other were, “Hi, will you go out with me?” I was 14.

It’s now been 10 years and we’re still going strong.

5. Head. Over. Heels.

He was the one to ask me out, but I approached him. We were both at a John Steinbeck event at a Half-Priced Books and they had a quiz from which you could win a book if you got all the questions right. I had just happened upon the event accidentally, but Steinbeck is my dad’s favorite author so I wanted that book. Unfortunately I hadn’t read many Steinbeck books myself so I had no idea what was going on in that quiz, but cutie by the counter seemed to know what he was doing so I sidled up to him. He ended up focusing so much on my quiz that he forgot about his own and won the book for me.

A couple days later, my air conditioner broke (Texas in June) and while texting, I was complaining about being hot. He ended up bringing me a spare AC unit he had in his garage to use until the maintenance man could come out, as well as a bottle of wine and ice cream. Then he took a look at my AC and fixed it himself. We spent the rest of the day and the evening together and by the time he left late that night after introducing me to The Shawshank Redemption, I was head over heels.

6. It All Started With Being Embarrassed

Well I met my fiancée at just the right time. We both just ended horrible relationships and wasn’t really looking for anything. Here is the story though:

My best friend was dating her best friend and he asked if I wanted to go swimming. Of course I said yes, and I assumed it was just going to be him and his girl at the time. I thought it would be funny if I wore my dad’s short shorts swim trunks from the 80’s. Like I’m talking, Willy was close to being free in those bad boys, short. So I get to his house then bam there is another girl there. So now I’m here with this super gorgeous girl that I have never met and I’m in the shortest shorts I could find.

I did what any man would do and acted like everything was total normal and strutted myself to the diving board with full intentions of pulling a double gainer (former gymnast). However I slipped and fell off the end of the board. Then we all played basketball and I guarded her to make small competitive talk, then we went bowling. I tried to tie her shoes for her to be a gentleman and broke her shoe lace. We then agreed that the shoe lace would only be okay if we went on a date.

Now here we are 3 years down the road and we are planning our wedding. Somehow all of it turned out okay even with an embarrassing start.

7. The Wingmom

My mom asked her out without telling me because, in her words, “Wow, she’s got a great ass!”

Yes, my mother approached a stranger and told her she should date her son. Then showed her pictures of me, told her nice things about me, and led her straight to my FB page on the girl’s phone. Girl friend requests me, we start talking, and 3 days later we’re dating.

8. Game Night

I made up a ‘game night’ that me and my friends have so that we’d have a good reason to hang out on a Tuesday Night. Then scrambled to put together said game night once she said yes. Getting married this spring.

9. Breaking A Cold Spell

We worked at the same company, and had been spending a stupid amount of time chatting on the internal instant messaging system.

I saw her in the parking lot while leaving one day, and on impulse, I asked her to lunch the next day. This was major for me, as had been serially single for a very long time, and hadn’t been on a date in years.

Married 6 years now.

10. On The Train

Met my now wife at a train station in London when we both missed the same train, we took the next train and talked for a while before she got off a few stops before mine in Portsmouth. That was 8 years ago 🙂 Come to think of it at least 2 prior relationships came from speaking to women on train platforms.

11. Busted

First noticed her when she was moving some boxes at work. Thought she had a very nice ass. Later we would chat at work and I thought she was smart as hell. Female co-worker later came up to me and told me if I didn’t ask her out she (co-worker) would kick my ass.

Asked her out for lunch at work while she was in the file room alone. She played it cool and agreed but seemed nonchalant about it. Went out of the file room to talk with another female co-worker and saw her jumping up and down. She then turned and saw me through the window noticing her reaction. She turned beat red and slunk down out of sight.

Been married for over seven years now and two great kids. She is my better half in so many ways. 😀

12. Sooooo Much Anticipation

After knowing each other for a year, and talking daily for three months, I went to her house for a movie marathon.

Now I had only dated one other time, so I wasn’t good at picking up on signals, and she had never dated, or even flirted before, so she wasn’t good at “giving” signals. Basically, we both liked each other, but weren’t sure about the other, and decided that we were going to gather up the courage to ask each other out once the movie was over. (Unbeknownst to the other, of course)

Then the movie ended, and we both chickened out. Pop in another movie.

Still too scared to ask after that movie ends. Pop in another one.

Five movies later, it’s 3AM, and we’re staring at the blue screen on the tv making idle chit chat about Jumanji, which we had just watched. Finally, I decided that I needed to nut up or shut up.

So we’re laying on opposite ends of the couch, feet touching. And I look up at the ceiling, and ask if it’d be crossing the line to ask if she’d ever considered us dating. She looked right at me, and said “I’d love to date you!”

We then sat there in palpable relief stroking each other’s arms and smiling. We’ve spoken to each other every single day since October 2013, and our second anniversary is in just a couple of weeks.

13. Pharmaceutical Flirting

He was a manager that was just transferred to my location. We worked for a pharmacy. I thought he was beautiful, but after some investigation I found out he had a lady friend. I didn’t talk to him much after that. Since I was having some trouble with work, I quit and got a job at a retirement home. That lasted for about 4 months (not because of the residents). I hated leaving those sweet people, but the employees were shady and abusive. My old boss called and asked me to come back to work at the pharmacy. That beautiful manager was still there! And he was single! After about a week of working together, lots of cautious flirtation (I was not a manager), and nice warm sensations everywhere, I wanted to go out with him. At this point, I hadn’t asked any guys out, but I had a feeling this one was too good to get away. Since he was a manager, he didn’t want to ask me out, only to find out the feeling wasn’t mutual, and get fired.

After working alone in the stockroom for about an hour one day, I said bye and clocked out. I went out the door, threw my stuff in the car, and ran back inside. I didn’t stop, didn’t slow down, didn’t start analyzing. He was on the very top shelf, arranging boxes of toilet paper. I said, “I am pretty sure we like each other, so let’s go out sometime”. He said yes, and that’s history. We have been together 8 years, married for 5.

14. The Chemistry Was Indeed Organic

I was assigned as her tutor for organic chemistry. Our first hour long session went as normal. At the end of it, I just continued the conversation, and she didn’t seem to mind staying. We moved to other topics such as classes, sports, favorite music, etc. After a bit I looked down and noticed that another hour had passed. A few weeks later I finally had the guts to ask her to the school dance.

And yes, I got a ton of tutor jokes from my family members. “I bet you two had a lot of chemistry, didn’t you?”

15. Will You Be Mine?

Saw her, found out who she was and what her name was through a friend, started chatting/texting, found out we had a lot in common. Eventually asked her to go on a date with me to a museum (ulster folk and transport to be specific, its unreal). The night before the date I was out for a friend’s birthday, asked her to come along to the bar we were going to. Met her there, got acquainted, couldn’t stop looking at her, kissed her before we went home. Went on that date the next day, it was amazing, asked her to be mine a few days later. 3 years together this month, she’s the one!

16. Two Bouncers

I met my now fiance 2 years ago working concert security at the Tabernacle in downtown Atlanta. She was in the process of manhandling (by herself) a 250lb drunk dude out of the venue. Asked her if she needed help, she said no, but I still kept an eye on her. later that night she came up to me and thanked me for offering help. Thats when I asked her if wrestling big guys solo was her thing (I was 300lbs at the time). Rest is history.

17. The Hypothetical Route

As friends, We were discussing my screwed up dating life on a long train journey.

Me: “Hypothetically, if I were to ask you out, what would you say?”
She: “Probably I would go out with you.”
Me: “…. Will you go out with me?”
She: “Yes.”

18. My Friend Likes You

I was a lame 15 year old, so I asked my friend to go and tell him I was interested. Him being a shy, severe introvert thought I was pranking him to be mean. He did ask if I was serious and I told him I was sincere. We hung out a lot more and got to know each other, were together for 5 Years, when he got a good job and a place we got married. That was 10 years ago. I’ve spent half my life with him thus far and plan to be until we ded.

19. She Sang For Him

Welp my boyfriend and I went to his fraternity semiformal together before we were dating and he drank too much. When we got to the dance, he sat in a chair and almost fell asleep. I was scared his brothers would mess with him (as they do) so I found an employee at the venue and asked if there was an empty room for him to lay his head down in. The employee let me to a beautiful room with a big couch, crystal chandelier and grand piano. I laid him down on the couch and was going to go to the dance but I was too worried he would get sick, or someone would find him and mess with him. So I sat at the piano, played, and sang. A few songs in, he sat up and told me I had the most beautiful voice he had ever heard and he wanted to be with me for a long time. I just sort of smiled and thought he wouldn’t remember. Next morning he was like “Soooooo did you ever respond to my question?”

2.5 years later and he still makes me sing for him.

20. Being Clever

It was very simple. We were drunk at my place after a party and I said I would like to go to bed now, would he like to come sleep in my bed since it is much more comfortable than the couch? Of course he did.

But well, he had “forgotten” his laptop at my place before going to the party to have a reason to end up back here… I’m sure we both thought we were being really clever.

21. The Power Of Nic Cage

I met my girlfriend through my ex. She invited the both of us out to trivia night. I got to talking to her and we both bonded over Nic Cage gifs. I also talked about the old fashioneds that I make, and she coyly suggested that I invite her over for some sometime.

A couple days later, I’m working late and I’m somewhat tipsy at work (it was a catered event and we were allowed to get one or two drinks.) I decided, fuck it, and texted her about the old fashioned I was having and how she was missing out. We proceeded to text flirt until 4 am. I went for it and invited her over for drinks.

Come the following Thursday she comes over for drinks. We watch Nic Cage’s Vampire’s Kiss (a classic). We bang.

And we still bang to this day.