How Well Do You Know Europe? Take This Quiz And Find Out.


1. The first one is always easy, right?

Answer: France

2. How about this one?

Answer: Norway

3. Okay…what’s this one?

Answer: Ireland

4. Did you get this one?

Answer: Hungary

5. What is this country?

Answer: Bosnia and Herzegovina

6. This one?

Answer: Switzerland

7. This might be tough.

Answer: Iceland

8. What’s this one called?

Answer: Denmark

9. How about this?

Answer: Portugal

10. Can you name this country?

Answer: Slovakia

11. Name this one.

Answer: Belgium

12. How are you doing so far?

Answer: England

13. Do you know the name of this country?

Answer: Poland

14. This country! Name it!

Answer: Romania

15. You’re almost done with this quiz.

Answer: Italy

16. Are you confident?

Answer: Greece

17. Are you sure you know the name of this country?

Answer: Germany

18. What is this country called?

Answer: Sweden

19. And this one?

Answer: Czech Republic

So, geographers! How well did you do?