How Well Do You Know Your BFF? See How Many Of These 35 Questions You Can Answer


Want to test out your best friend skills? See how many you can answer about each other and then compare. For extra fun, whoever gets the most correct scores a free dinner or round of drinks, courtesy of the losing, uh, I mean, other BFF.

1. Who was their first kiss?

2. What’s the name of their first (big) crush?

3. Who is their celebrity crush?

4. What movie do they watch when they’re sick?

5. What TV show are they obsessed with?

6. What’s their middle name?

7. What food totally grosses them out?

8. What’s their guilty pleasure fav?

9. Do you know everyone they’ve hooked up with?

10. What’s their most embarrassing story?

11. Do they have any irrational fears? If so, what are they?

12. What’s their favorite season?

13. Least favorite season?

14. Favorite holiday?

15. Least favorite holiday?

16. What’s their biggest pet peeve?

17. What’s their go-to drink?

18. Are they an optimist or pessimist?

19. Introvert or extrovert?

20. What’s their biggest insecurity?

21. Which would they rather have: the ability to fly or invisibility?

22. What’s their nightmare job?

23. What’s their dream job?

24. What’s their zodiac sign?

25. Are they a dog person or a cat person?

26. What’s more important to them: love or money?

27. Where would they most like to vacation?

28. Do they say any expression or word often?

29. What’s their favorite junk food?

30. What do they do when they’re mad? Cry? Scream? Hide?

31. Are they a morning person or a night owl?

32. What could they not live without?

33. What’s their coffee order?

34. What would they say are their three best qualities?

35. Three worst?