How Your Teammates Go From Strangers To Being Your Family


When it’s 6 AM and everyone else is still sleeping comfy in their beds and I look next to me I see my best friends. I feel what they are going through, I understand the tiredness, the grogginess, the longing to get back into bed and take a nap. But then I realize I get the watch the sunrise every morning with my teammates who are essentially my family. I get to start the day with my favorite people every day, so how can any day be a bad day? When I don’t want to get out of bed because it’s too cold out or I feel too tired, I think about how much I would be hurting them and myself, and you don’t do that to family. You don’t screw them over; you work hard for them and with them to become the best you can, together.

I look to my left and I look to my right and I know that I can count on who ever is standing by my side because being part of a family means no one gets left behind. If one person struggles, we all struggle. If one person fails, we all fail. In order to succeed the way we want we have to be one unit.

We have to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, you have to earn each other’s trust and know when enough is enough. You have to learn what motivates each other to work harder and what takes someone out of their element. You have to adapt and be patient with each other. Your teammates become the siblings you never had.

You can’t throw the towel in when things get hard; family doesn’t just walk away and leave you to fend for yourselves. You have to bring it in and talk about things, you have to communicate how you feel and what you want to see improve. You have to be supportive of each other’s decisions, even if you don’t always agree with them because there might come a time when they don’t agree with your decisions, but you’ll still hope for their support.

Being on a team and being in a family means you always have each other’s backs, even when things are rocky. You might not get along with everyone all the time, but that doesn’t mean you don’t always have each other’s back. Because your teammates and your family are there for you no matter what. They are comforting you when you got your heart broke, they are there when you had a loss in your life, they are there for you when you needed something as simple as a person to talk to.

Being part of a family is about being selfless. It’s about sacrificing your own individual goals sometimes to do what is best for the group as a whole. You sacrifice yourself to make your teammates look good at every opportunity you can. You do what is best for her, what is best for the team. That is when you will find success, when you put your own pride to the side to do what needs to be done, because by doing that you will succeed as a unit.

People always say you’ll find your best friends in college, but I’ve found more than that. I’ve found a group of girls I consider my family. You can’t pick your family and you can’t pick your teammates, but somehow they both seem to always work out swimmingly. Through every struggle and every triumph they have been by my side, no matter what and that’s all you can ask for.