How Your Thoughts Directly Correlate With How You Feel


I remember one afternoon, my dad called me into the living room. I came down the stairs, turned the corner and there he was, holding two thin metal poles. I looked at him with confusion. “What are you up to now?” I asked. He proceeded to explain the significance of the poles.  Hold one in each hand and hold them out at arms length. Hold them as straight as you can and away from your body”. Confused, I did what he asked. ” Now, close your eyes and think of the happiest you’ve ever been or ever could be. Think of your most positive memories.”

I closed my eyes and thought about my childhood, summers at the cottage, Disney World, my best friends, favourite foods , anything that made my heart smile. I did this for about 5 minutes. “Now open your eyes. Notice how the poles are almost touching?” he said. “Yes”. I answered, freaked out because I knew I didn’t move them myself.

“Okay, now close your eyes again and think of your worst memories, things that make you angry or sad.” I closed my eyes and thought of the deaths I’ve experienced, the break ups, the friendships lost… the foods I can’t eat because I’m gluten intolerant, you know the real sad material. “Okay , open your eyes again.” he said. To my surprise, the poles were now severely separated. No where near touching any longer. “What the…?” I said.

This is a simple example of the Law of Attraction. The mind is a powerful tool. We have no idea of its capabilities. When we think positive thoughts, when we display happiness; we attract just that, positivity and happiness. When we live our day to day being miserable and negative, what do you think will be sent our way? More misery and negativity. It’s like when you go into work in a bad mood, ever notice that even the tiniest things are going wrong? Increasingly angering your already bad mood? Well that’s because your thoughts are energy. Everything is energy.

If you desire a thing and think about it, then that thought will be on the same frequency as the thing you are thinking about.  There’s an old saying ” Write it down and watch it happen”. Practice this, it is a great way to get to the root of what you really desire for your life. It may sound hippie-dippie to some but, it’s essentially sending clear messages to the Universe.

The Universe always answers back. Practice mindfulness. Live in the moment , stay focused. It’s so easy for us to get side-tracked and distracted by day to day nonsense or social media and other activities on our phones. It’s crucial to remember that while were busy worrying about our futures, scrolling Instagram or letting little mundane frustrations bother us- life is rapidly passing by. Don’t be afraid to log off when you need to; literally, mentally and emotionally.

A very wise, talented man by the name of Sir John Lennon once said “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

Start by opening your mind and letting go of hatred, despair, shame, guilt, self doubt, anything that is of no use to you. Instead replace those thoughts with ones of hope, love, happiness and positivity. Good things will come your way when you know in your heart that you are deserving of them. You want that big , beautiful home in the country side? Believe you will have it one day. After all, we except what we think we deserve. How do you expect anything to be handed to you , when your hand isn’t out and ready to receive it. Now, remember that hard work is required to upkeep your dreams.

Be grateful for what you’ve received thus far and keep sending out those good vibes.