Hulu Just Picked Up The Mindy Project After Fox Cancelled It


Fox, what were you thinking?

We all fell in love with Mindy Lahiri over the past three seasons of “The Mindy Project.” Her character plays the intelligent, witty and incurably fashionable woman we all wish we were. So when we heard that Fox was pulling “The Mindy Project” from its line-up for the upcoming season, we were all a little heartbroken.

But fear not! Hulu has officially announced that it will be picking up “The Mindy Project” for its next season – with the possibility of additional seasons to follow. Since the site has already been hosting the show for streaming over the past three seasons, this seems fitting. Mindy Kaling tweeted out the following picture this afternoon to celebrate:

Mindy, we haven’t seen enough of you yet. And we’re glad to have you back.