Humility Is For The Stupid And Ugly (A Modern Fairy Tale)


She is what she is in other peoples’ minds, lives in her reflections in others, exists on what each person finds. 

She toes the line of perfection so much, it’s sick, and she goes by what’s written in across her mirror in lipstick:

Dear Stunning,

Humility is for the stupid and ugly.

Both brains and beauty have been given, yes, through genes, but, however, there’s this thing, you see: they must be cultivated properly. Tenderly raised to be queen of all, the first thing she realized was that to win, others must fall. They must reflect her own greatness back at her alone (and from below), in order to keep balance, and her in her throne.

Day after day (aka night after night), she struts through bars playing games with men with nice cars and boys used to having girls on a string. She pulls drink after drink out of wallet after wallet until their saliva is all they have left to offer, then she moves on, her power full up to green; this is how she lives, fueled by her own tease.

When life comes so easy, there’s got to be a game, or self-worth is too simple and there’s no point to anything. So she strives for her prize and continuously wins it—confident, superior, to all who bear witness.

But then, of course, the day comes along, when her little fairy tale gets too drunk to keep playing the same song. It vomits all her games back up, along with a twist. This is the way that the universe spits:

There is a man who has what she has. Gorgeous brilliance, the world in his hands. And when she approaches to win her reward, it happens the way she constantly fears: he sees her for what she isn’t, and so she disappears.

The moral to the tale isn’t the price of beauty, nor is it the treasure of humility—the moral of the tale, members of internet tapestry, is that if you live in reflections, you live in danger of detection. Unless you go forth knowing yourself from within, you have no right to use others’ failings as sin. 

So be sexy, smart and a tease — that can be you — but just please make sure you are other things too… or even some pretty boy asswipe with a smile can smear you into nothingness for a while.