I Am A Woman Who Chooses Not To Rush Love


I am a woman who chooses not to rush. I take my heart seriously and I love fiercely, but I refuse to settle.

I refuse to apologize for refraining when something doesn’t feel right. I know exactly what I want out of this life, and I fight for it every day. So why wouldn’t I hold the same standards when choosing a partner?

I am not talking about building walls or holding reservations, by all means, dive right in when you feel a connection with someone. Those are some of the most beautiful moments we experience with people. Rolling around in the sheets, talking about everything and nothing at the same time. Venting out our hopes and dreams to another set of sultry eyes. Vulnerability is not a fear of mine. Cracking my heart wide open is something I do every day. But connections fade, no matter how much we try and sustain them. If you are all in and the other person isn’t, then they are not worth your fight. If they find your willingness for love, and life, and wanting to share moments with them intimidating, or they don’t feel the same, then your energy serves no purpose there.

Because you deserve the stars. And in no world is loving with the entirety of your being a liability to your character. Having the grace to know when it’s time to let go is one of the hardest fights we will ever have in life. But settling for a love that doesn’t scale mountains is worse. Because if it isn’t a “hell yes, I’m all in,” from the other person, then it should be a “fuck n”o from you.

Because you were not born to chase. You were not put on this earth to convince another heart to beat for you.

You are here to raise hell. We get one shot at this thing, and I want to look back on a life filled with an epic love story, even if that means years of edits and revisions until my story comes along and prints itself permanently on my pages. So don’t rush. Take your time. Love hard. Never apologize for having that fire inside of you for more. Because someday, someone is going to light that fire, and honey, fireworks will light up your world.