I Am Finally Letting Go Of What We Had


I am finally letting go of our past together and focusing my attention on what really matters-myself.

I have come to accept that things happen for a reason even if I can’t see it right now. The right people will continue to stay in my life without me having to try so hard to keep them. The right relationship will uplift me in every way, and enable me to live my best life to the fullest without hindering my growth.

And now, I have finally opened my eyes to the endless possibilities surrounding me. I’m young with a bright future ahead of me and it is brimming with hopes and dreams that I’m looking forward to fulfilling every last of them. I’m strong and this episode with you has further reinforced my belief that I will survive this and thrive better than ever before. I’m optimistic that better days are ahead of me, and that this dark tunnel that I’m trapped in won’t stretch forever, and that I will eventually reach the end of my healing journey.

So this is to me bidding the past goodbye and having found my acceptance of what happened. This is me unclenching my tight-fisted hands on you and finding serenity and peace in letting you go. This is me growing into the person I’m proud of realizing I have never needed you.

I am finally letting go on my insistence on finding answers, as the only closure I need is to move on from you.

I know that you’re deeply in love with her now. Seeing how happy you are to be with her and ready to marry her is gut-wrecking painful. It made me question my worth because we had been together for much longer yet you had never mentioned or expressed any interest in taking the next step with me. It brought me onto a downward spiral because here I was grieving over you, you had since moved on from me as through I barely made any dent in your life and didn’t affect you at all.

I used to spend sleepless nights wondering what I did wrong and was there anything I could have done to save us. I used to think I would give anything for you to come back because I couldn’t do without you. I used to think that I couldn’t smile again because you took away every ounce of my joy.

But now, I finally see that I was wrong. I’m finally letting you go so that I can move on from you and find the closure I need.

I am finally finding contentment in my journey and realizing that I’m at the right place, with me finding joy in the little things.

I’m not going to compare my journey with you because we’re at different places of our life. I’m not going to think lesser of myself just because I am still in the midst of coping the best I can. I’m not going to be obsessed with wanting to get over you because I know healing takes time and I will treat myself with all the kindness and patience because I deserve to.

I’m not going to rush and find love now because now it’s not the right time yet. Instead, I’ll focus on myself and slowly find myself again. I’ll nurture my soul with learning and passion that help me to find my purpose and makes me feel alive. I’ll love myself and embrace self-love and at the right time with the right person, I’ll be ready to love again.