I Am Hiring Unique, Strong, Undiscovered Voices: Could Yours Be One Of Them?


Thought Catalog is not simply a media company.

We are a collection of distinct, variant, strong voices. Our writers are given a platform; their voices a home to create, speak and share their unique message with the world. We believe that all thought is relevant to the conversation – every thought carries a strand of resonance – as all people are equal, and their thoughts and opinions wherever they are on their journey, add to the narrative of humanity. We believe in igniting conversations that aren’t being had, and diversely, dimensionally approaching those that are.

Thought Catalog does not have an agenda of any kind, we do not spurt out a singular rhetoric. Our writers do not all agree and we welcome that. What makes us one of the largest and fastest-growing publications in the world is that we welcome all thought and all people. “All thinking is relevant” is not just a tagline or branding maneuver; it is what we have built our ecosystem off of.

We are looking for a strong voice to join our rapidly-growing team of writers. Here we will give you the tools to craft and cultivate your own narrative, and the platform for it to reach millions of people each month.

Full-time writers are required to balance writing content that compels an audience and writing content that compels themselves on a daily basis. Our staff members are constantly pushing outside of the box, creating sharable, interesting, creative content, and this would be expected of you as well.

You must be available to work full-time, which means publishing 2-4 posts per day 5 days a week (previous freelance writing work may be exempt). You can work online, from wherever you are located.

If you feel you’re the kind of person we’re looking for, please submit the following:

  • A letter of intent, detailing who you are, what you’re passionate about, what topics you’d like to write about, and why you’d be a great fit at Thought Catalog.
  • Links to your already published work (ideally you have written elsewhere on the Internet). If you have not been published before, we can accept three sample articles that would be ready for publication upon submission of your application.
  • A list of 10 sample article ideas you’d like to write and their corresponding headlines.
  • A brief summary of your past experiences, and how your background contributes to your unique voice on the site.

Note: Preference will be given to those who are already published on the site. Please include a link to your author page in your application email if you are.

We are no longer accepting applications for this posting. Thank you for your interest.