I Am Over You


I am over you
Over and over I thought it can’t be true
Reading that last message until my eyes displayed the text
Cursing that you actually turned out to be my first ex

For a while I was in hidden misery
Thinking that somehow I was the cancer taken out via surgery
Wondering why my life went to shit
First with my parents and now my girlfriend leaving it
I’m stuck now pondering if I was some kind of living curse
Latching onto people and sucking the good out of their life force
Like an unholy leech holding pouring evil inside
And leaving only devastation and I passed by

I found myself walking alone on the streets
Trying to clean my memory with soiled sheets
The birds happily chirping above my head
Mocking my sadness as I begrudgingly tread
Across the cobbled and cracked road that remains
And only looking downwards and behind at my chains

I took my hand out of my pocket and something dropped
I went on my knees and picked it up
You were there, kneeling and pouting
In a forgotten memory that came back shouting
On a sitting on a hill that was ironically named suicide
For at that moment it was only life that caught my mind

I stopped looking down and behind and looked up and forward
Gazing not at the unchangeable dreary past and away from the torture
But more so toward the only one who got me out of that mindset
And looked towards her with the freeing of this emotion debt

I am over you
The rooftop that hangs over your issues
The one that blocks the torrential rains of sadness
And the torturous words of those who are crass and spineless
I will be the place you need when you cry
And the cover that hides your wings when others don’t let you fly
Even if you leave the protection of my arm
Know that it will stay there for when you’re in harm
When everyone else yells and throws shit at you
Just remember, I will still be over you