I Am Slowly Learning To Embrace Change


I am slowly learning change is an unbeatable beast. It takes away everything you thought you knew. It swaps your priorities. It gives you an alternate view on others and on yourself.

Change can destroy everything your fragile hands have created — but it can also help you rebuild.

However, I am slowly learning the worst thing you can do for your self-growth is remain in your comfort zone. You should take leaps. You should consider risks. You should expand yourself outward instead of remaining in the same place for the length inscribed upon your tombstone.

Change is scary — but it is a good scary. The kind that produces adrenaline. The kind that makes you look at your future from angles you have never explored before.

If you resisted change when you were young, you would have never learned to walk. To read. To kiss. To succeed. You would still be a blubbering mess relying on others to provide you with their warmth.

Change can cause loss, but you will always gain something in return. An adventure. A friend. A smile. A lesson.

You are only going to hurt yourself by stubbornly staying in place. Your legs were built to move. Your brain was built to grow. Refusing to stretch yourself is like admitting you couldn’t care less about yourself.

I am slowly learning you should consider options instead of passively moving in the direction the current pushes you toward. You have power over your own decisions. You can pull a lever and switch paths. You can swoop your pen in a different direction to create a new ending to your storybook. You can create changes instead of running away from them.

Sometimes, change will force you away from the future you had imagined in your childhood thought bubbles. Sometimes, that is a beautiful thing. Just because you wanted X, Y, and Z in theory does not mean those things would make you happy in reality. At your core, you might not have any clue what would bring you fulfillment. The universe might have something greater in store.

You should stop turning your back toward change, because you like yourself more than you have in previous years, don’t you? That is because your mind has changed. Your body has changed. You have changed in ways others can see and ways the naked eye never could.

No matter how hard you fight to keep every piece of your life in place, plans change. People change. Change is unavoidable. It is a cheetah impossible to outrun.

I am slowly learning to embrace change instead of fear it. Remaining in place is not challenging. It is not conductive to growth. Unexpected experiences are what have molded you into your current form and they will continue to reform you as you age. From now on, you should not resist ideas out of impulse. You should consider where they could lead you first.

You should live the life you deserve, not the life that keeps you comfortable.