I Am Slowly Learning To Stop Giving A Fuck About People Who Don’t Give A Fuck About Me


I am slowly learning to focus on my own world instead of peering into neighboring worlds. Unless someone reaches out to ask for my help, unless they invite themselves into my universe and make a home there, then there is no reason for me to worry about them. They are not my problem. They are not my business. They are not mine to save.

I am slowly learning to stop giving a fuck about people who do not give a fuck about me. I am not going to extend my arms until the bones snap when my sacrifice is going to stay unappreciated. I am not going to let my kindness grow out of control. I am not going to bend over backward for people who are undeserving of my love.

I am slowly learning to accept toxic behaviors rather than become brokenhearted over them. If someone mistreats me, I will leave them behind without letting guilt cloud my decisions. I will accept that I cannot change their poisonous attitude and move on from them. Their inability to treat me delicately is their loss. Their disappearance from my world is my gain.

I am slowly learning my worth does not correlate to how long I have been single or how many friends are listed on my phone. I am more beautiful than my exes have caused me to believe. I am happier than my most miserable days. I am stronger than my weakest moments. I am more successful than my biggest failures. I am better than my worst habits.

I am slowly learning to stop caring so deeply about what other people have to say about me. The only opinion that matters is my own. I cannot stress myself out by caring about everyone who steps into my field of vision. I cannot place a million things on my plate and expect myself to gobble it down without a stomachache. I cannot place higher expectations on myself than on the people who I openly let into my life.

I am slowly learning to shift my focus from everyone else and onto myself. It is not selfish to place myself first instead of pushing my needs to the background. It takes courage to gaze into the mirror instead of rushing past it each morning. It takes strength to look at the real me instead of distracting myself with the problems of others.

I am slowly learning to ignore the hatred spilling through the mouths and fingers of strangers online and in person. I am not going to let their harsh words bring out my insecurities. I have spent so long learning how to love myself and I am not going to get set back by people who know half about me and think they see the whole. I am not going to let their bitterness infect my happiness.

I am slowly learning not to waste precious time on people who fail to see my worth. I am slowly learning to stop giving a fuck about them when they clearly do not give a fuck about me.