I Am Slowly Learning What It Means To Be Alive


I am slowly learning that every setback is actually just the universe telling me it’s not my time yet. I am learning that every heartbreak is really God graciously guiding me away from something not good enough for me and not meant for me.

I am learning more and more of what I truly deserve and to never settle for anything less. I am learning that the most excruciating heartaches are meant to teach me the most important lessons. I am learning to love myself as much as I love the world. I am learning that the most incredible love awaits me when I am ready. I am learning that it’s okay to not be ready and to focus on me.

I am learning that sometimes friendships fall apart and this is okay because not all people are meant to stay but the ones who are, do. I am learning that I am so much greater than I have allowed myself to believe and if someone does not see this, I am learning that is not my problem.

I am learning that it is not crazy to take a step back from all my priorities and just breathe. I am learning it is okay to take a mental health day because mental health is just as important as physical health. I am learning that my anxiety does not make me weak and I am learning that every day I get myself out of bed, I have already won.

I am learning to be okay with the uncertainty of the future and pay attention to the moment I am living in and make it the best moment it can be. I am learning that while not all the memories will be good, I will still gain something valuable from all of them.

I am learning that I can create a life I am proud of because I really want to and I deserve that. I am learning to let go and let life guide me to where I am meant to be. I am learning that where I am meant to be is so much greater than where I have been. I am learning that life does not happen to me, it happens with me.