I Am Willing To Put In The Work To Make This Relationship Last


Life is uncertain. We are constantly growing, changing into the person that we are somehow meant to be. The things that we like, our goals and perspectives, are constantly changing with the things that we experience and the people that we meet.

The people in our lives, right now, are not guaranteed to stay. It takes a lot of work to keep relationships strong.

There are so many things out there that are not in our control, things that have direct impact on our lives — but we have no impact on them. People getting sick, losing jobs, natural disasters, chaos in the stars.

Whatever it may be, changes happen in the blink of an eye. 

Fate, star-crossed, meant-to-be, twin-flames. We have built so many concepts to define something that takes decades of searching and even yet, we may never find it.

Even if we do, many times it fails. There are so many things that happen and no matter how amazing your relationship was in the beginning, things change and love may disappear.

But with you, I feel safe.

All of the uncertainties, the risks, the struggles – they all seem less scary when you have the right person by your side.

The feelings that you get when you are with that person – comfort, strength, honesty, love – are all things that we are meant to hold on tighter to.

In those moments, when you are together and the rest of the world slips away, you understand what really matters. Even during fights, when hurtful words are said and can’t be forgiven, you are given options. You can either take a breath and get back to each other or you can give up.

When you give up, you fail, you fail because you lose sight of what is important.

That is something I don’t ever want to feel with you. With you, I know that we are both in this for the long haul. No matter what happens during our path, it is always you holding my hand.

To have that feeling, every single day, I am so very grateful. To know that you feel the same way, is even better. To know that I am your ride or die, your support – is everything to me.

So, whatever the universe has in store, it can bring it on. All of the speed bumps, challenges, and uncertainties. Because I know that we can make it through.

You are my greatest love story and it is only getting started. Together, we will weather this storm that we call life.

Together, we can overcome it all.