I Believe In Us


I believe in us.

I believe in the unmistakable attraction that mirrors in our eyes, as both of us can’t seem to draw away. All I want to do is to spend every waking moment with you to discover all your secrets and bare my soul to you. I believe in the irresistible magnetic connection that holds both of us captive as though we had met before. In a lifetime before this or in an alternate universe where we cross path.

Because you feel like a familiar stranger who I know intimately.

I believe in the passion that runs through our veins and I believe that what we have is real. I believe I can trust you with my heart and I believe there must be a reason why we found each other across the vast universe. I believe in the love that courses through our blood. That we’re bonded together by our mutual love and commitment to each other. That come what may, we can always count on each other.

I believe in the sense of adventure that grips us as we take flight into our next escapade. I believe in the spontaneous plans that let us make memories that last a lifetime. I believe in the sense of wonderment this is innate in us as we learn and travel on this crazy journey called life.

I believe in us staying together and defeating any obstacles that come our way. I believe that our love only grows stronger from the adversities that won’t kill us. I believe that you’ll be there to catch me when I fall.

I believe that after all the failed relationships and toxic people I met, I have finally found my soulmate in you. I believe that you accept me for who I am and love me for all my flaws and insecurities. I believe your love heals all the fragmented pieces of my heart and makes me whole. I believe you’re the right person for me, who embraces my wildness and indulges in my craziness.

And I’m unrestrainedly, unapologetically, and irrevocably in love with you.

I believe in us making it until the very end. Of all your promises to build our future together. I can see you sliding a ring into my finger and your face looking so tenderly beautiful as you make me yours. I can see me laughing alongside with you and blinking away tears of joy as I read my vows to you. I can see us going to my dream destination for our honeymoon when every place on Earth feels like home with you. I can see us shopping for furniture for our future home and every frustrating process just as maddening fun. I can see you becoming the father of my children and us having the family I always wanted. I can see us chasing after our dreams and checking every important milestone together. I can see us growing old side by side as the years pass yet our love remains strong and burns eternally.

I believe in us loving each other with everything we have. Of us walking hand in hand into the future, every inch of imperfection yet treasuring what we have earnestly. With us solemnly promising to never let go of what we have.

I believe that we are my favorite love story and together, we will write our happily ever after, with all the love that resides in us.