I Can Still Feel You Rushing Through My Veins


I dream to wake and wake to dream; finding you in an old café somewhere on the coast of Rome,
or in a more familiar sleep where the light of the sun setting hits your face with such gentle radiance.
The salt air bringing me back; sand in between my toes, entranced by fingers on strings.
Such magical moments, how they get lost in time.
But as the sea comes back to shore, I feel your heart drifting in mine.

I believe there is a tie that binds us. I’ve tried to fight it for many years,
thinking that holding on to your memory would cause me to never let another in.
But with time, I’ve become more certain; that tie does not hold me to you,
it has instead, allowed me to move forward. It has allowed me to love.
To open my heart in ways that I never knew possible.

I feel you in every acoustic chord and check mate.
In every deep, purple night.
I feel you in the love I give and the love I have received.
In every windy beach day and crackling fire. Still, rushing through my veins.

Because of you, I will love him more.
I will love him fast and resilient, yet deliberate and gentle.
A timeless love that will bury all scars with fresh skin.

Forever firsts, forever seventeen, forever forward.
With you, but without.
As the tide moves away from the shore.