I Can Tell That You Want Her


I can fucking tell.
I know you are on good terms with her again.
And when I say “on good terms” I mean I know you’re saying “I love you” again.
You don’t have to say anything to me about it, I can fucking tell.

I always knew I was the backup.
Actually, I had myself convinced that she was the backup.
But I was lying to myself.
I could fucking tell.

My acceptance of you is conditional.
And the terms are that you live and breathe for me.
You beg and fawn and never move past me.
The terms and conditions are strict and have no room for negotiation.
Breach of contract. I can fucking tell you broke it.

I can tell because my heart aches suddenly for no reason.
I can tell because I start spontaneously sweating.
My heart rate has increased so drastically I feel like I’m going to fucking pass out.
I can tell because I’m called to your goddamn social media.
I can tell because I know where to look and I find the evidence with ease.
See, I can fucking tell because there is unfinished business between us.
Because there is something between us.
No matter how many years.
No matter how many miles.
No matter what.
I can fucking tell.