I Cannot Understand Why You See My Short Dress As An Invitation


I cannot understand you–

I cannot understand why you see my red short dress and red lips as an invitation for teases, why you need to disguise harassment as compliment when your eyes are telling the opposite and when your saliva falls straight into my chest, and why you turn angry when I ignore your shallow despair for power–

I cannot understand why you see
My body as a map, pointing all
The places you want to discover
And to build empires while
Searching for a treasure never
Meant to be yours,
I cannot understand why do you
Want to be a king with all of your
Thorn crowns bleeding furiously
In my skin when all of my parts
Are already fighting against
A tyrant whose sole purpose is
To silent a voice–to kill a
Body’s liberation

I cannot understand why it’s okay for
You to laugh at jokes pointing at
My weaknesses when it only
Proves that your ego is hungrier
Than your stomach

I cannot understand why you
Always blame me for being too
‘Friendly’ in an attempt to justify a
Body found near a dump site, with the undies pulled over and dignity removed.

I cannot understand the
Sarcasm and shallow eyes staring
At my femininity when all it wants to show is bravery beyond discrimination, because when
Gender becomes the topic at school, mine is considered as the weaker one, regardless of the fact that body organs never tell how strong a person is
I cannot,

I cannot understand why you think
You own my body enough to
Put evilness between my thighs,
I cannot understand why you think
You own my body enough to
Burn me and feast on my rotten face just to nurse your greediness living inside your skull,

I cannot understand why you think
I am your slave just so you can
Chain my hands and slid your tongue
To wherever it lands, maybe
Because you learned
That to be a man is to be
A man of hunger,
A man of power,
A man hungry for power,
A man of abuse,
So that when someone says ‘no’
You feel lost and defeated and deceived,
That is why the last thing to
Do is to devour whatever that will
Satisfy a quench for power–
To devour whoever will
Satisfy a quench for hunger.

I cannot understand you,
Or the way you touch me,
Or the way you play with your lips
In my face, or the way your gratification corrupts you–

Because no matter what you say,
I can never understand why one dies so that one can live.