I Can’t Stop Dreaming About Kissing You


In this dream we are baking cherry pies.
We are baking cherry pies in the middle of a sunlit kitchen and
leaving them to cool on the windowsill.
I want to say that there is sunshine spilling everywhere.
I want to say that it’s falling out of the gaps between your teeth.
How could it not be?

In this dream I put my mouth on your mouth and
try to catch all of that happiness with my tongue.
We play soft music that sounds like sighing.
I breathe like a paper bird rustling
against your tongue.
Did I say that there is a meadow in my stomach?

In this dream you are licking my fingertips clean,
we are dripping cherry jam on the counters.
In this dream we dance barefoot on a wooden floor,
so far inside each other like knitting string.
I kiss your shoulders and pay special attention to
the dusk set in your hollows.
How could I not?

In this dream I stick my fingers in your belly button,
and your ears and right there, where you’re all ribs.
In this dream, we are mouth-full.
I kiss your knees and I stroke your hips, I comb your hair.
Love is our tangled shape,
How could it not be?

In this dream, we sit side by side and hold hands
and knock our bodies like bowling pins.
In this dream I feed you cherry pie with my fingers.
You kiss me with your mouth wide open.
We taste that sweetness everywhere.
How could we not?