I Can’t Wait To Be Your Valentine


I can’t wait to be your valentine.

I can’t wait for a day to come where you are the only one I think about from the time I wake up until the time I close my eyes.

I can’t wait for the day when you’re what fills my pores, when you’re what quiets what’s so loud inside my head.

I can’t wait to be your valentine.

It’s not just about the roses or the chocolates; it’s about looking into your eyes and knowing that when you say “forever,” you mean it. It’s about knowing that, cliche or not, you’re the one I was supposed to find.

I can’t wait to be the person you fight alongside, the friend you can count on, and the partner you’ve always imagined.

I can’t wait for a day where you keep your promises.

My heart has been broken before. It hasn’t always been so sure of what it wants. It’s made its fair share of mistakes. It’s picked the wrong person. It’s held on longer than it should’ve. It’s run back when it should’ve run away. It’s not perfect, but that’s not what it’s looking for.

I can’t wait to be your valentine.

Because my love won’t be pretty. It will be the kind of love that wakes you up at three in the morning just to remind you how much I love you. It will be the love that calls you when I’m lonely just to hear your voice. It will be the love that promises to always be there, even on the worst days.

I can’t wait to be your valentine

Because the love I give you will be messy. It will be hard sometimes. It will feel like it’s not always worth it, but it will be the most beautiful, gentle, and special love. It will be mine, my valentine.