I Continue To Search For The Perfect Jean Jacket Because Of These Fictional Characters


1. Hazel Grace Lancaster in The Fault in Our Stars

This story and character began consuming me a month ago. I read the entire book on a plane. It was probably a mistake since I sobbed through the whole thing. I went to see the movie the night before it officially opened and was not disappointed. I adored Hazel on screen and Shailene’s performance. I specifically could not stop thinking about her little jean jacket. I have spent my life hoping and searching for a lucky, not weird in the arms, tight but can’t be too tight, jean jacket. She reminded me of this, which led to all of the other fictional characters that have made me swoon with their trusty denim jackets.

2. Mark in Wild America

I was obsessed with this movie for a number of reasons. The key reason being it had two of the dreamiest heartthrobs of my childhood, JTT and Devon Sawa, as stars. Sawa played Mark, the middle brother, and even though I have never been a huge fan of blondes, I laughed at everything he said and wanted to go explore the wilderness with him. I imagined he and I sitting in a field staring at the stars and the animals on the horizon that might attempt to eat us. A breeze would graze my arm and give me a chill so he would offer me his luxuriously lined denim jacket.

3. Johnny Cade in The Outsiders

I feel as if all of their clothes were made out of denim. Don’t even get me started on Tom Cruise’s vest. The Outsiders is one of my mom’s favorite books and movies. Let’s just say, I have seen quite a few times. Johnny was a freaking hero. I need his jacket in case I find myself in any rumbles. Stay gold, ponyboy, stay gold in that timeless jean jacket.

4. Marty McFly in Back to the Future

Precious little Marty. His carefree face. He is usually having the time of his life. Cool underwear, bro. How’s time traveling treating you? You are looking super fly. (I am only human. I couldn’t resist that pun.) We all would want to make out with him because of his jean jacket. We can’t blame his mom for wanting some action in the first film. Jean jackets are powerful. They are a responsibility we cannot take lightly.

5. Driver in Drive

Sure, people remember his scorpion jacket, but the denim one he has is perfect. I guess Ryan Gosling looks good in any clothing or without clothing for that matter. However, I think even a mere mortal could wear his jacket everyday and still stop traffic. If I came across this character in real life I might think he had a pretty intense face, but I would still probably ask him about his jacket. This character would probably say, “Oh. I found this.” and then mysteriously slink away or stare off into space. I would continue to admire it and feel a pang of sadness over not having one.

6. Hallie Parker/Annie James in The Parent Trap

All I wanted in the 90’s was to have a twin. Is that really so hard to suddenly have? I never found anybody at camp even remotely similar looking to me. Hallie was the the cool, bad to the bone, twin. She knew who Leonardo DiCaprio was and knew how to play poker. Annie of course was the British, proper and delicate twin. They both pull off a shared jean jacket like nobody’s business. I realize Lindsay Lohan plays both roles. It still matters to me both characters sported it.

7. Rachel Green on Friends

Could she be any cuter? Man, nobody pulls of casual chic quite like Jen Aniston. Have you seen the woman in cargo pants? Damn. Rachel had some solid choices. I should probably dedicate an entire article to her overall collection. Her jacket she wears during the later seasons has the perfect wash to me. It isn’t faded, yet it isn’t too dark. Someone or some factory distressed it just right for Rach to wear around a fake playground. I hope I have one of these by the time I am a mom. Think of how much more respect I will receive simply because of the jacket.

8. John Bender in The Breakfast Club

The rebel of all rebels. Plaid and denim and leather. Oh my. He was gutsy but pulled it off for sure. I don’t think I could pull off gloves. I doubt I would tell a girl Claire, she has a “fat girl name.” I could attempt his dance moves. I could never have his attitude even if I practiced every day. I feel as if this was his grandfather’s jacket he found in some musty closet or garage and adopted it as his own. He added a pin and it is all of a sudden every high schooler’s dream. Bender, I couldn’t forget you if I tried.

9. Jackie Harris on Roseanne

I am fairly certain every cast member had a kickass jean jacket throughout this series, but make sure to check out Jackie’s fringe. She drove a semi all over the midwest probably wearing her jacket. Maybe she made out with George Clooney wearing it. Maybe people would point and laugh if I wore a jean jacket with fringe. I don’t think I would mind. We all have a bit of Jackie in us. We can be neurotic, sometimes a little edgy, aggravated with our dysfunctional family, yet kind hearted and loyal. I think it was the fringe, you guys. That is what kept her pressing forward even when things got shitty.

10. Finn Hudson on Glee

I definitely couldn’t search this one without crying. We all loved Finn. Obviously. The preppy adorable jock in a fitted jean jacket singing his heart out, how could you not love him? His denim jacket is classic. It can be worn with anything. It has pockets for treasures and mementos. The pockets are perfect when you’re nervously trying to find what to do with your hands. I hope this jacket is in a museum somewhere. Perhaps I can start a jean jacket museum?

11. Donna Martin on Beverly Hills 90210

I want everything every character ever wore on this show. Donna wasn’t my favorite. Was she anyone’s favorite? I love her colorful shorts, white tee and denim combo she paraded on the show. I had a strict uniform in school so I couldn’t exactly waltz into class sporting a cuffed jean jacket and floral prints. I want big hair with an even bigger jean jacket. I also want to date Dylan McKay. I might formally change my name to Kelly Taylor.

12. Lorelai Gilmore on Gilmore Girls

Bow down. Bow down to the queen. She is the epitome of throwing things on as she’s rushing to get out of the door. Although, they always had time for breakfast at Luke’s. I don’t know any real people who leave their house earlier enough to eat at a real restaurant before they go to work or school. I guess it is part of the charming Gilmore way. She was a class act. She wore band tees and pantsuits. Variety. It is all about variety. I will now search stores until I try on “the one.” The clouds will part. Tiny cherubs will play harps. The dressing room clerk will call all of the employees and shoppers to gather around me. I will have found the perfect jean jacket.