I Could Fall In Love With You If You Let Me


I could fall in love with you. We would meet up at a party, not meaning to meet each other there. We would make eye contact- for a second too long. It would be purely coincidental, but deep down we would know, it would mean something to us. We would mean something to us. Maybe its cliché, the idea that two people’s eyes could meet and they would know. It’s cliché, but possible. Just like falling in love with you, it’s possible.

I could fall in love with you if you made me laugh. If you made me smile. So many people could make me smile, but the way you would do it would beat every other breathing soul in the room. And I know, any friend can make you laugh. But isn’t that where love starts, with a little laugh? The more you would make me laugh, the more I would give myself to you. Piece by piece, I would give myself to you, with each smile.

I could fall in love with you if you tell me. If you happen to like the same music as I do, if you order the same thing as I do at the bar, if you love the same way I do, we would bond over the coincidence. It might not matter significantly, but knowing the fact that you like paper cups over glass, or the fact you don’t wear the color orange, it makes me happy knowing we shared these little things.

I could fall in love with you if you let me. If you would open up to me like a brand new book. If you let me in on all your little secrets, the ones you thought you couldn’t tell anyone. If you told me all the things you thought were insignificant and light. But you wouldn’t just tell me that. I don’t want just the cover up you wear so well. You would tell me all the secrets that haunt you, and I swear I could show you I could keep them.

But we could look across the room during one noisy, crowded party, and our eyes could meet, and I could love you. It’s possible. Anything is. And we could get to know each other, slowly but surely, and I could find out how very easy it would be to fall in love with you.