I Could Search The World And Never Find Another You


I think I’ve always known that this world would one day secure a place for us. Even if the timing wasn’t right, even if we were both battling our own demons, we would always end up back here, the grey area of wanting something that just wasn’t quite ready yet.

I guess that’s why I remember that day so vividly, when your lips tasted of confusion mixed with desire. The cold air was rushing through the parking lot and slow moving cars were passing us, but it didn’t matter. I could feel them falling away from us, just like the ground beneath my feet. I knew in that exact moment that I could spend the rest of my life kissing you.

It wasn’t easy, getting there. That kiss was not the beginning of us, far from it. But it was a flickering light in our stubborn hearts and I fought with everything I had to not let it burn out.

This place, where we laughed like school children, kissed like it was both the first time and the last time, and never ran out of things to say, was everything. Is everything, still.

I love our crazy adventures running through London, my fingertips reaching for yours as we chase each other through crowds, and the way we always manage to lose ourselves in each other despite where we are. Even the days when we’re eating cereal in our pajamas and binge watching TV shows, I feel like the luckiest girl because I have found someone whose sheer presence is enough.

I’m not saying it will be easy. I’m not that naive, but I know, even on the difficult days, I could search the world and never feel the way I do when I’m with you.