I Dare You To Actually Start Living Your Life


I dare you to quit that awful job that pays really well and provides heaps of benefits.

I dare you to quit wanting to be small and allow that voice and that action to show off who you really are.

I dare you to put on hold all the security that the world says you need to have.

I dare you to live for once in your life.

Even though some of us are legally “adults,” we live like we are a little kids in need of that night light or toy that has to go everywhere with us. And I mean everywhere.

I’ve concluded that majority of others do not like to ruffle feathers by speaking their opinions to some who may disagree with them. Or some of us fear living outside the box because, for goodness sake, we can’t disrupt the routine!

We have one life. So let me ask you this, are you actually living?

Get uncomfortable, go a different route to work, drive on empty, wait to go grocery shopping until that last crumb is finished, don’t check that email for a whole day, or heck, don’t look at social media! Take a break from comparison and just enjoy the simplicity around you.

Do something that scares you, that will grow you, that will make you become so independent and scared you have no other person to rely on but your own God-given brain.

I dare you.

Today is a new day, week, month or year. Try something new.

Backpack in some area where the only noise is the crunch of the dirt and leaves underneath your shoes. Find a job that you want to work, even if the pay and benefits are not ideal.

Be ok with pinching pennies, sometimes that’s life and it’s not always going to be ‘Instagram worthy’ or even beautiful. Sell all your belongings and just buy a one-way ticket to some place where you do not know a single soul.

I dare you for once to do something you NEVER thought you would do because when that door closes, you may never know what opportunities it will bring.

I dare you.