I Don’t Know How To Be Fully Happy Without You


It’s weird because I’m happy.
But, when I sit down to write,
the paper is sopped up with blood
and the dust of your lips
on me.

Is this what you did to me?
My heart is beating red
But my ink is black
and it’s splattered all over
my bedroom floor

Now I can’t even reach
out to anything
except the words
you said
in regards to

It’s weird because I’m happy.
But when I sit down to write,
I only see your shadow
and the dried up prom corsage
you so carefully

Is this how you left me?
My mind is a hollow tunnel.
I think you left me possessed
covered in your sweet scent.

Now, I can’t even call
out your name.
Because what’s left of you
is only the mess of me.

And I’ll splatter your words
on this page
until I choke
for your breath.