I Dont Know Where You Got This From


I don’t know who told you that you’re not good enough. It’s such a shame to see you be so shy.

I don’t know who said you need all these things, to be the perfect guy.

This cookie cutter character, this supposed perfect mould.

Where exactly is the beauty in doing what you’re told.

Biceps, abs and a jawline . Money and great thick hair.

Impossible standards, always adapting , it’s left you in despair.

For you to detest your own body, just how crazy does that sound

Faced towards the mirror, I can’t see past your frown

I don’t know why you can’t talk to girls, there’s nothing wrong with you

You don’t need booze, just charm and wit, they’ll stick to you like glue

I don’t know why you listen to them when they say something mean

You let them get inside your head, reduce your self esteem

I know you don’t want to be seen like this, you feel bad enough

but you soldier on, no complaints, you’ gotta be seen as tough

I don’t know why this is the case for you, or why you’ve let it get this way.

I hope this poem reaches you, and challenges your day

because I don’t know where you got all this from, and I don’t believe it to be true

You should be proud, theres no one else on this earth, who’s just-like-you.

image –Shutter Stock