I Don’t Want A Happy Ending (I Want A Happy Beginning)


I was taught to believe in happy endings. If I worked hard enough, stayed long enough, waited patiently enough, this frog would turn into a prince soon enough. Right?

I was taught to believe that fighting for the happy ending was a noble and romantic cause, like Belle did for the Beast. That someday I would win the prize. Emerge victorious. And oh, how sweet it would be!


But someday has never come. Only more struggle and strain and fighting to emerge victorious.

It has me thinking, “Why’d I want a happy ending in the first place?” When did that become my goal?

What about a happy beginning?

What about a relationship that feels good from the start? What about trading in my “somedays” for nows?

I’m tired of believing in happy endings. Tired of buying into the idea that a relationship should feel like a victory after long battle.

Isn’t it really about finding a partner who is ready to be here today? Now. In the beginning. From the start. Ready and willing to jump in and give this thing a try. Ready to show up. Ready to say yes.

We are far too wise to waste our precious energy holding out for someday.

We have far too much to give to sit around dreaming of happy endings.

We are ready for presence. We are ready for intimacy. We are ready to be seen and heard. We are ready for something real. We are ready for now. Aren’t we?

I’m dropping my weapons. I’m tired of the battle. Happy endings are exhausting.

Give me a happy beginning.