I Don’t Want To Feel Like A Stranger In Your Life Anymore


Emotions leak through the crevices made by the broken edges of the heart, lies that leak through perfectly glued excuses, what do you believe? What are the things you believe in anymore? Are you one of them?

Do you believe things will get better or will they repeat the same pattern as before?

Who will return to you when the week ends? Will you shut the door on their face?

What does it mean to forgive anyway? Isn’t it a bit redundant when it happens all the time? You get hurt and then you are the one that apologizes to them?

What kind of trouble did your beliefs get you into this time around?

Did you think what you wanted was really the truth? Or you just wanted to be truthful for once with someone?

What are these secrets that you would die to protect? What is this form of security around your heart and mind that keeps you from living your life as you want to?

When I see you taking a step back, I want to take a step forward, the more you purse your lips, the more I want to pry them open, what is it that you think when you look at me looking at you like you’re the only person in the room, the only person in the world?

Walk with me, along this line of trees, along this endless shore, along the houses that might be ours sometime in the future,

What is your favorite color of the sky? How does it feel when you have nothing left in your life to protect so you turn that need to protect to other people no matter what the damage that does to you?

What is this need to let others push you down from cliffs and from buildings just so you can feel the fall and feel alive just for a short while?

You’re not going to feel anything when you hit the ground, you’re going to have to start over once again, with someone new, make a new set of beliefs, brainwash yourself with new memories,
someone new to chase, someone new to protect,

What will happen when your illusions shatter? What will happen to your heart?

I feel like an outsider in your world no matter how much we talk,

I just don’t want to feel like a stranger in your life anymore.