I Dream Of A Day Where I Can Wake Up Next To You


I dream of a day where I wake up next to you, in a bed full of memories and sweat and laughter and our fears from a great wine-drunk night, of kisses and tickles and getting naked and falling in love.

I dream of a day where I wake up to your kisses on my shoulder as I can feel you hugging me from behind, with the tip of your fingers slowly finding its way down my waist, and your beard offers a different sensation along with your lips.

I dream of a day where I rest my head on your broad shoulder, and smell the musk of your pits, and just live there, right there in a place where I feel so protected, and loved, and I listen to that sexy sound you make when you breathe.

I dream of a day where we lie in bed and listen to our favourite 90’s song on the radio on a Sunday morning, with the sunshine from the window glaring on our faces, and we feel the beautiful warmth of the day.

I dream of a day where you giggle just by looking at me, and you tell me that I’m pretty, and you move the hair that covers my face and kiss me in the forehead, in the cheek, in my lips. The way you say you love me or that you cared.

I close my eyes and tears just fall because, I dream of a day where you won’t stand up before the sun, and stay just a little bit more beside me, that you don’t have to go home, because I can be you home, that you don’t have to walk away every single time we are together.

I dream of a day where I can be your whole day, I can be your quality time, not just sexy time, that I can be your now, and not later, that I can be a reason, your reason, to live and to go on each day, reason you smile, and not just for a while.

I dream of a day where we can just look each other in the eye, and I don’t have to see you go, and I don’t have to cry, and I don’t have to wait for another week, another day, another alibi, to see you, be with you, love you.

I dream of a day where you can be proud of me, and tell the world of your love for me, that there was you and me, and that it is okay, that we are fine, we are normal, and we are as equal, we are free, free to hold hands, and kiss wherever, whenever we can.

I dream of a day where you take courage, to be honest to yourself, to the people you love and loves you, and to your family, to me, and come back and never leave, and lay with me some more, till another morning, another sunrise, another day.

It’s just a dream I know, something that may not really come true. I just dream of a day, where I can feel that you really do love me too.