I Feel Like Moving On May Have Made Me Weaker


Every single night I can’t fall asleep until it’s 3 in the morning at least,
How come I drift off so early to sleep on a Saturday night?
Sundays are so long to live through now, they used to be so short.

I feel like I don’t cross your mind,
And you’re always on mine,
It feels like I’m the only one getting chased by time,
It feels like I’m the only one that always waits in the line,
I don’t want to wait anymore to start living my life like I always dreamt.

But days are so long and nights are even longer,
I feel like I am moving on without you but I don’t feel stronger,
Pain was supposed to make me strong,
But all I feel is weakness now that you’re gone,
I hope the sun rises as soon as possible,
So I can start over and get on with my life once again.

Have you ever screamed at the night sky?
Have you ever betrayed yourself when everyone believed in you?
Have you ever felt suffocated because of the overwhelming support you’ve always gotten?
Have you ever thrown away someone who never threw you away for anyone?
I have.

Life is so long when nothing you do or say or feel matters to anybody including yourself,
I tell myself these things when I’m about to go to sleep,
so early and it’s a Saturday night,

Keep dreaming, keep moving, keep working, keep going, keep smiling, keep weeping, keep sleeping, keep walking, keep walking, keep walking, keep walking.