I Feel Lost After Accidentally Falling In Love With You


Ready, stop and go.

Why can’t humans have their own traffic lights?

Why can’t humans have their own traffic lights to dictate them of what to do and what to feel? Most especially to the emotions they can’t control. These are the kind of emotions that you do not want to feel but end up feeling anyway because you can’t tell yourself when or how you should stop or go.

Why can’t humans have their own traffic lights to avoid unnecessary events they do not want to happen? Like falling unexpectedly and hurting someone, or worse, hurting yourself deeply in the process?

Traffic lights can warn you to be ready before telling you to go and take a road, which humans lack most of the time. How ironic it is to be caught off guard of your own emotions that when it suddenly hits you, you have no other choice but to acknowledge it even if you don’t want it, and even if you know it would hurt you in the end.

We all have the choice to stop or go, but emotions? They refused to be controlled.

They go opposite of what you want it so before you even know it, you get lost. You get redirected to a place you didn’t plan to go. It can be a familiar place you didn’t want to go back to or somewhere unknown that makes every single fiber in you scared.
However, if you are lucky, you can find the right road with the right signs. But if you are like me, who found herself in a place I’d never thought I’d be in, it’s hard to get out not only because you get lost in the feeling, but because you know it would end up in a dead end.

There is no other way to go simply because you are already in. Going back meant hurting yourself while going forward hurts the both of you. So if you turn in the wrong direction you are trapped.

So, why can’t humans have their own traffic lights? Why can’t humans have their own signs that would aid them in the right place?
If humans do have it, maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t have fallen for you unexpectedly and I wouldn’t be feeling trapped and hurt all by myself in this wrong lonely road.