I Fell For Someone Else’s Prince Charming


I’m a firm believer that every princess has her own prince. You may not have him with you at the moment but he is just there, waiting. Or maybe, just maybe, God is still preparing him to be the best version of himself before you two could meet. He may not be the man that every woman wishes to marry but he will surely be the right one for you.

However, not every woman knows this. Some think that their prince is the one they see every day in school, or in the office, or even the one singing on television; the man who could make their hearts skip a beat. Yes, he could be a prince, but maybe not the prince destined for you.

We, humans, were born alone in this world searching for our other half who we believe could complete us; the one who could save us from the misery that we are in. And with this, we often rush things. We tend to skip the process and just kiss every frog that comes in our way, thinking that maybe it could turn into a charming prince and in just a snap, we could have the happily ever after we believe we deserve. But the process is crucial. Just because the shoe fits doesn’t mean he/she is The One.

Life is far from fairy tales. Love at first sight isn’t as the movies tell us. Love comes with stages before it can fully bloom in its truest form. So whenever you meet someone who possesses the qualities that you are looking for, and could make you laugh and be at your happiest and inspires you to be the best that you can be, be cautious. A man like this is tricky. He could make you believe that he is the one for you. You will fall in the game and later you will see that there is another princess. Another damsel who fell on the same ground.

This prince might have just lost his track in finding his princess and your paths crossed. He stayed for a while and you wished he would have stayed a little longer, not forever, but long enough to make you feel that you are loved and needed by someone. But he did not, he cannot, and even if he had a choice, he would not. Why? Because you are not the destination that he seeks. You are just a stopover. He got tired on his journey and he found you. You learned to love him and convinced yourself that he loved you back. You made him indeed happy. Unfortunately, it was not enough to make him stay.

Yes, it was painful, it will always be; painful enough to make you lock your door and never again open it whenever someone knocks, may it be your prince, a friend, or a foe.

The worst part of meeting someone else’s prince is that it will not just make you look like a desperate fool, but also a villain; a wicked witch who tries to steal the affection of an innocent man from a damsel in distress. Unknowingly, this is how people will see you. This is how the readers will contemplate the story. You may see yourself as the protagonist, but on the other book, you are the enemy. You will be despised even if you don’t deserve it. You will be blamed even if it’s not your fault. And you will be left with no other choice but to own it. Own the villainy because no one will buy your reasons. Believe me, this is what it feels like when you meet someone else’s prince. I know because I’ve met some.