I Fell In Love With Someone Wild And Had To Learn To Let Her Go


You were the ‘it’ girl. Everyone wanted a piece of you.

I constantly joked about having to fend them off with sticks; that I’d never quite get one sharp enough to be able to hold them back.

You were a wild thing, not born of this place. And I knew the moment I laid my love struck eyes on you, that loving you would be a fine balance – between holding and letting you go.

Darling you were something. And my god, I fell head over heels for you – so maybe I was no different than every other fool.

Except for some reason you paused when you came to me – I stopped in your tracks.

Maybe it was because you always made sense to me
, your secrets weren’t secret and I made a home for your fears. And I guess with all that flying, your wings had grown weary too, so I nurtured your soul while you strengthened those as well.

I have no regrets about loving you
, except not holding true to the second part of the promise I made us. You see, when I met you, I promised us both I would love you; for as long as you wanted to be home in me. And that when you no longer did, I would let go as easily as you came.

I understood the nature of wild things.

But you see somewhere in there… I guess it was in between falling in love with, and breathing you, I forgot the second half of my promise. Know that is my only regret; that I held on too long when you should have taken flight.

Because darling, that’s the thing about love.

It is not trying to fight the ocean, it is understanding you are but one drop and are born to move with the current as well.

The day you left, I watched you fly till you were out of sight… and I smiled. Because wherever you’re headed next; you’re going to blow them away. You’re stronger than before, and my love – they have no idea what they are in for.