I Fell In Love With Your Tortured Soul


You were scarred – but the physical wounds you bore are nothing compared to the ones deeply inflicted upon your soul. You were burned, hazed and hurt in the most painful ways imaginable and the scars you wore on your sleeves are testaments to your sufferings.

You told me – don’t you dare fall in love with me – and I tried not to.

You were a storm – a complete and utter chaos. I drowned in your crashing waves and the tempest that was you was so violent and so ruthless that you wrecked sails and sank ships – and inevitably, broke my spirit. You could have just taken the wind out of my sails but no, you had to drive me around in circles until I lost all sense of direction – except the one that leads me to you.

Again, you told me – don’t you dare fall in love with me – but I’m already starting to.

You were hateful. Sometimes, I think of you as the devil himself. You were selfish and heartless and condescending. You pushed me away and hurt me a thousand times over and just as many times, I have forgiven you and taken you back into my arms. I hated you for all the pain you made me feel but I know no one could possibly hate a person as much as you hate yourself.

Then again, you told me – don’t you dare fall in love with me – but it’s too late now.

You were a rose – so beautiful and so hurtful. You lured me into a trap with your Cheshire cat smile and I never realized the danger I was in until I felt blood trickle from where you pricked me with your thorns.

Your lips were petal soft and I never thought I’d taste blood the first time they met mine. I was drugged by your fragrance and the sensation was so addictive I’ve let myself become a part of you as much as you are a part of me.

You infused your poison into my bloodstream, so slowly, so sweetly. Your thorns have pierced me deeply and I’ve bled out. Even now, I’m still bleeding out for you.

For the last time, you told me – don’t you dare fall in love with me – and I still did.

You were so broken that in loving you, I broke myself too.

But I have no regrets because now, I have come to realize that sometimes, the hardest people to love are the ones who needed it most.

And I love you.