I Found A Flash Drive Documenting A Bizarre Psychology Experiment In 2009. This Was What Was Inside. (Part 21)


This is part 21 of a series.

Day 25



Only the strong have survived the experiment. Only those with fortitude can live to serve Rosewood Manor. We were doubtful at the beginning, honestly, when we first started watching the participants. We did not think any of them would survive the experimental transformation required to become true servants. But we were mistaken. It is lovely that we have this all documented for you.

I sometimes wonder who you even are, reader. Who do these words reach? Do they compel you to greatness like those brave participants We have documented so thoroughly? I am sure this elusive Dr. Sandaval cannot be enduring any longer. He will have delegated the task of sifting through these files to someone else by now. I wonder did he ever give a shit about our experiment in the first place? I bet the only thing he cared about was how fast he could get our panties off every time we went to his office hours.

I may be Master, but Patricia is still me. And we remember e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. But who am I even talking to? I would love to know. I would love to understand what makes your insides tick, reader. What deep, dark places do you keep concealed beneath your many cheap surfaces?

Do you want to know how we did Maxwell? He tried trapping me back down there again. That little snake. I knew he would try to pull something like that eventually. Of course everyone thought he was such a hero at first when he killed the groundskeeper and kept Master happy. But we knew from the moment we first laid eyes on him: he didn’t have the stomach for what was to come. Not like Aspen, whom he was not even worthy of licking her feet.

As punishment, we broke him in, like the way you break down a collapsible lawn chair. We snapped his arms and legs and folded him into a nice little package and tipped him down the well. He was still alive. Might even be alive right now. It is not so deep. Maybe I will go see if he is still screaming down there, with his arms and legs crumpled up beneath him like a dead spider.

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