I Found A Highly Classified Document That Detailed A Government-Suppressed Incident Called ‘VO-003’


The following articles of information are direct transcripts from all pertinent radio communications, closed and open circuit camera feeds, and telephone interceptions involving Incident VO-003. Who I am, how I came into possession of these packets of information, and exactly where this incident took place I cannot tell you. There are certain pieces of information that have been redacted from these transcriptions and I have chosen to keep them so. This is in order to protect my anonymity and safety. That being said, I have committed to the idea that this must be made public. A news broadcast organization would not believe simple transcripts, and I’m not quite prepared to hand over what physical evidence I have. For now, I will post this information here, and simply hope that it does some good.

Packet 1:

Warning: Highly Classified

All information is time stamped when available and in general chronological order to best maintain a consistent account of Incident VO-003. All related articles to the incident will be prefixed with the label “VO3”. Biohazard specimen involved in Incident VO-003 is registered as [Redacted] and is labeled as “CBV01”, however it is commonly referred to by First Response Team (FRT) as “The Needles”.

Article VO3-00A1: CB Radio transmission 8:48PM

Truck Driver 1: “This is Heavy Handed Hank. Anyone on the I-[Redacted] read?”

Truck Driver 2: “Howdy Hank, it’s your old buddy Big Mac. I’m cruising highway [Redacted], how’s I-[Redacted] treating you tonight?”

TD1: “Haven’t seen a bear for hours and I’m on the short end of a three day stretch. I’m feeling so-so. Coming up on [Redacted]. Ain’t much of a town, but I think I can find some pussy for purchase.”

TD2: Laughing. “Well if you see Barbie Q, you get the crab special and tell ‘er Big Mac sent ya’`.”

TD1: Laughing. “I sure as hell ain’t castin’ my rod where you’ve been fly fishin’. Honestly though, Mac. I’ll be surprised if I even find a bite worth eating up in these pines. Been nothing but fog and trees for hours and – shit, hold on.”

The sound of the truck engine dies down and comes to an idle.

TD1: “Give me a couple minutes, BM. I got a deer in the road. From the looks of it, he’s still alive.”

TD2: “I hate it when you call me that. Put up a flare or two, Hank. It’s pretty dense fog on my end, and I ain’t too far from you. Don’t need two wounded animals out there.”

TD1: “Not a bad idea. I’ll ping you back when I’m done with this poor bastard.”

Article VO3-00A2: Semi-truck Dash-Cam footage 8:51PM

Truck Driver steps out of the semi and approaches deer lying near the middle of the road.

The animal is clearly still alive, struggling to free itself from a length of tangled barbed-wire. The deer shows signs of multiple fractures and what appear to be dark red protrusions in the form of thick needles jutting from the fur. This is the first recorded instance of CBV01 by our organization.

The driver reaches out with a tire iron to prod the deer. The animal appears to pant heavily, but is now otherwise motionless. There is 0:00:38 of this behavior. The driver then leans in to examine the animal closer. The red protrusions take on a fluid-like state and attack the driver. CBV01 rapidly crawls up the tire iron onto the man’s arm and then directly into his mouth and eyes.

The driver struggles to pull away and free himself, but CBV01 mutates quickly to a more solid state and latches on while injecting into the driver’s bloodstream through multiple entry wounds and facial orifices.

The Dash-Cam audio picks up the driver’s muffled screams of extreme pain and anguish as CBV01 begins to fracture his body in multiple places from within. Within 0:02:43, complete control over motor functions of host body has been achieved by CBV01. The truck driver becomes Subject VO3-00A1 (SA1) at approximately 8:54PM and begins to walk rigidly into the woods. Visual contact is lost as SA1 enters the fog.