I Got Sucked Into A SimTower Black Hole And I’m Still Recovering From It


Back in 1998 – or was it 1999? — my mom bought me a Sim deluxe pack, which included Simcopter, Streets of Sim City, SimTower, and Theme Hospital. I really loved all those games. (I bought SimCity 2000 SE on my own later and begged my mom to buy me The Sims when it came out.) I spent hours on SimTower. I tried so hard to perfect it and build the most perfect tower I could possibly create. I’d get as far as building the subway and then my enterprise would crumble because everyone that lived in the condo would leave citing terrible conditions and I’d have to manually lower all of the leases to $5000 and then move them back up to $20000 or something and that took way too long for my 10-year-old brain. I remember the sounds of crows cawing when the sun set and the elevators dinging and whirring to get to their destinations. The babble of office workers and the cars that would honk when you queried their parking space. Yep. That was my life. Managing SimTower. You could say I was the youngest building manager in my town. And now, 15 years later, I want to get my hands on this game again and play the shit out of it. This and Rollercoaster Tycoon — not the shitty third one. The original one that Chris Sawyer developed. That shit is tight. (And maybe RCT2.)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_VCJCUTEVM&w=420&h=315]