I Guess This Is Growing Up: 20 Signs You’re Fighting The Future


1. Buying your first beer at a concert

2. Sobbing on the streets of lower Manhattan and honestly believing your life is over before it has began.

3. Scoring the internship of your dreams only to find out you hate every minute of it.

4. Realizing how difficult social media has made it to move on in every sense of the phrase.

5. Not knowing how to say no to the drugs or the sex that disguise themselves so ingeniously as innocence.

6. Spending a few months abroad only to realize how shitty of an experience it is because the people who you love above all else aren’t there with you.

7. Falling in love.

8. Getting your heart broken.

9. Watching your friends as they don’t live up to their potential.

10. Finding a new passion, and consequently scoring a new “internship of your dreams” which ultimately confirms that this is what you’d like to do for the rest of your life.

11. Walking home alone, at 2AM, in the pouring rain after a terrible party and laughing hysterically.

12. Accepting shots from strangers at bars while listening to a band you barely know.

13. Discovering that ramen may not always be the smartest dinner option.

14. Falling in love again.

15. Getting your heart broken again.

16. Kissing strangers on the face with no intention of letting them contact you again, ever.

17. Getting cat-called in a dress. Getting cat-called in t-shirt and jeans. Getting cat-called in an oversized winter coat.

18. Finding posts about yourself on Craigslist missed connections and weighing the pros and cons of contacting the original poster. Really, how likely is it that they’re an insane serial killer?

19. Watching your “best friends forever” drop like house flies.

20. Listening to your parents music and being forced to admit that it was actually pretty great.