On Having The Best Sex Of My Entire Life


Earlier this summer, I had the best sex that I have ever had in my entire life. Okay, fine. Let me start off by saying that while my number of partners is very low, he still was the number 1. That counts, right? Hey, I was a late bloomer; let me be. I did lose my virginity at 19. The last time I had sex was almost a year ago. Yeah, but this story isn’t about the amount of sex I’m NOT having. This is about the best sex I ever had.. so far. 

I am not a very promiscuous woman. I more of a one-man kind of gal, I like to familiarize myself with my dick. I met John last November. Though it wasn’t until this summer that we hung out. I found out that he took a break and traveled around for a bit and was back in town. He slid into my DMs and honestly, I was for it.

Back when we started talking in November, we were very open about sex. What we liked and didn’t. I found out straight away that he was into rough sex, and so was I. I loved to be dominated. My past relationships, the guys weren’t into it. So, I was so thrilled to be with someone who was sexually compatible with me.

I had just graduated college and was kind of newly single? You know how those almost relationships work. Well, the ones that don’t at least. I knew I didn’t want anything serious anyway. I just wanted to have fun with one person and no commitment. We made plans to hang out and catch up one night. Oh, man, little did I know that he was quite literally going to rock my world.

He picked me up in his red pickup truck around 9. We made plans to get drinks and to see how the night went. Okay, listen here, I am a fan of spontaneous sex. I love it. I still remember the song that was playing when he picked me up. And now every time I hear Scar Tissue, it brings me back to that night. We instantly clicked and there was no awkwardness. It was clear that there was sexual tension.

As I was talking about something totally not important, I felt his hand slowly touch my thigh. I immediately stopped talking mid-sentence, and got so turned on. I wanted him, there and then. I looked at him and and told him that I wanted him now. I felt myself get turned on. I placed my hand on his, and slowly guided his hand under my skirt, in between my thighs. He made me so wet, so easily. He slid his fingers in me gently at first and then a little harder, I couldn’t help but moan. I pushed my chair back, being mindful that there were people on the road with us. I had one hand on his back, squeezing him, and the other was on the seat. He was touching me so good that I inadvertently hit his gear and moved it into neutral. Oops, can you blame me?

I told him to find somewhere quiet and empty. As I mentioned, I was totally up for car sex. Finally, we found somewhere quiet, as soon as he parked, everything just happened; we were like two magnets. We wanted each other badly; I don’t think I have ever wanted anyone that bad. I saw a whole new side of myself and I loved it.

As soon as we took off our seat belts, we went for it. I could still feel the taste of his lips on mine and how I felt in that exact moment. He liked to give it rough. He grabbed me by my neck, choked me, then kissed me and told me to get to the back, I did as I was told. His voice was so sexy; I couldn’t stop thinking about him inside me. I love how he handled me so rough, yet careful. In the back, we were making out, I was rubbing his dick through his pants, all while he had his fingers inside me.

Next thing I knew, I got up, and pulled his dick out and took it all the way in, I loved hearing him moan. It made me so wet, after a bit, I got up looked him in his eyes and told him to fuck me. He turned me over, pulled off my skirt and carefully slipped himself inside me. I felt himself entering me, and couldn’t help but let out a loud moan. It was an incredible sensation, he thrusted himself deep inside me. Slowly, then quickly. He pulled my hair, and spanked my ass so hard, all while I moaned loudly, begging him to fuck me harder. He bit my ass, then gently kissed it right after, suddenly I heard him let out one last loud moan before we finished.

It was that kind of sex where I was thinking of the next time he was going to fuck me. I wanted to devour him. John and I saw each other a few more times, but alas all good things come to an end. Though, I’ll never forget the time he fucked me in his car, then again and again in his apartment. There are three things that I miss the most: John, his dick, and his dog. Okay, and his fabulous taste in music.