I Hate My Sister’s Boyfriend


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This may sound pretentious, like perhaps I’m jealous of their relationship, but that’s not it. I’ve been in a relationship for five times longer than hers has lasted. It’s the person that he has turned her into. My sister was near the top of her class in high school. She was a leader in our school and was looked up to by teachers. She was smart, funny, beautiful, and athletic. She went off to college and continued getting involved and pursing courses in dance which she loved. She was motivated and hard working. She had even just lost some of the stubborn weight she had been carrying around for years. Then she met Him.

He was in the midst of a divorce when they met at work last summer, so she’s essentially his rebound. She was lonely, and He asked her out. She didn’t realize it was a date until a few days later. When my family first met Him, He was funny, charming, and seemed to connect pretty well with us from the start. When my sister went back to college in the fall, he stuck around our hometown working the same job He’s had since He graduated high school.

He would go up to visit her on the weekends, or she would come home. They would go out to eat and have a few drinks, and then lounge around the rest of the day. My active sister had suddenly become a couch potato. She posted on Facebook about her lack of motivation to get things done, and how she was going to “start working out again” every other week. But she was happy because she wasn’t single.

Fast forward to this summer. She has graduated, and gotten a job where she will be sitting and driving all day, and when she isn’t, she’ll be standing and selling fried foods. This is perfectly acceptable to her as her new lifestyle involves sitting and eating all day.

They just moved in together, so hopefully this will be an excellent opportunity for her to see what He is like through our eyes. We don’t want her to be crushed, but she doesn’t want to hear what we have to say. It’s like an abusive relationship but to her waistline. My sister isn’t a bad person, and neither is He. But the things He has turned her into are so frustrating to my family. She can’t see how lazy He is – only that He has swept her off her feet for the most amazing year ever.

I want my sister back: the one who is motivated and happy and doesn’t eat like it’s a competition all the time. I miss my sister.

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